***Please note that, after a brilliant seven years, Support through Sport UK ended in July 2019. We're keeping the website up, however, as it contains a wealth of inspiring interviews, event reviews and club profiles.***

Founded in June 2012, Support through Sport UK is an HMRC-registered charity (with a Small Charity Constitution) that believes that sport has the power to improve lives.

Sport can ...
  • Give focus and purpose
  • Build confidence and self-esteem
  • Provide a sense of achievement
  • Foster relationships
  • Provide an outlet
  • Be great fun
  • Alleviate negative emotions
  • Promote good health

Support through Sport UK is here for eight reasons ...

(1) To raise awareness of the many sports clubs that exist across the United Kingdom. Use the website to find out about over 1,500 sports clubs for disabled people, older people, women, young people and people who are looking to use sport to help them rehabilitate. And if you're already part of a sports club, register your club here. It's free and will really help to raise awareness of your club. (Note that, in-line with the GDPR, if you would like to have your club details changed or removed, please contact us. Also note that your club details will only be displayed on this website; they will not be stored elsewhere and you will not receive any group emails or newsletters from Support through Sport UK).

(2) In addition to raising awareness of both sporting opportunities for particular (low-participation) groups and sporting opportunities for all, an aim of Support through Sport UK is to encourage local community workers (e.g. disability officers, youth offending team officers etc.) to link up with local sports coaches / leaders and vice versa. Support through Sport UK believes that fostering such relationships will result in sport being used to help people who are faced with adversity (e.g. by making sports clubs more inclusive and by using sport as part of rehabilitation programmes etc.). In 2017 / 2018, Support through Sport UK undertook a project to directly help 10 UK sports and community clubs to do this. In addition, Support through Sport UK is assimilating resources that will help sports clubs to become more inclusive.

(3) To conduct in-depth sports club profiles, with a focus on clubs that are particularly inclusive. These profiles will hopefully inspire other sports clubs to become more inclusive.

(4) To profile sporting events pertaining to Support through Sport UK's target audiences. The coverage that para, women's and older people's sport gets is increasing but there are still many events that get little, if any, coverage. Support through Sport UK wants to rectify this! 

(5) To profile, and raise awareness of, inspiring sporting charities and schemes that use sport for social good, thus enabling Support through Sport UK readers to become part of these schemes - either as participants or volunteers.

(6) To interview sports stars and learn about the various sport for social impact schemes that they are supporting, and also to find out what they perceive the benefits of sport and exercise to be.

(7) To interview inspirational athletes who have really triumphed over adversity, thus demonstrating the power of sport to improve lives.

(8) To raise awareness of some of the more unusual, bespoke sports that you can get involved in.

In addition to Support through Sport UK's core UK work, we are keen to support sports for international development projects when we think that we might be well-positioned to do so and we also recently launched a UK / international sport club partners programme.