Helen Keeling-Marston - Founder. In 2012, Helen decided that, in addition to playing with numbers all day, she'd become a freelance sports writer and would launch a charity (darn those pesky New Year's Resolutions ... ). In all seriousness, Helen loves sport - playing it, watching it, writing about it ... hence becoming a freelance sports writer and setting up a sports-related charity has been a labour of love for her. If she can encourage other people to reap the benefits of sport and exercise, she's happy.

Please contact Helen if you would like to profile your club on the website's Club Profiles page / raise awareness of an upcoming event / share an inspirational story (with a sporting theme) / invite a member of the Support through Sport UK Team to come and try, and then profile, a new sport / volunteer with the charity / sponsor Support through Sport UK / place an ad on the Support through Sport UK website / register for the Club Partners programme / any other reason.


Dave Holby - Patron. Dave is a nine-times endurance rowing world record holder and, in 2010, set a Guinness World Record by becoming the first person to row the distance of the Earth's equator on a land-based rowing machine. He has committed himself to a lifetime's worth of endurance challenges to raise funds for Breakthrough Breast Cancer and to help, encourage and inspire children to find themselves through sport. Dave is a qualified football coach and is currently studying for a degree in Sport Science to then train as a PE Teacher. He is incredibly proud to be a Patron of Support through Sport UK.


Donna Fraser - Patron. Support through Sport UK's second Patron is Donna Fraser, the former British 200 and 400 metre runner who medalled at the World Championships, European Championships and Commonwealth Games. Donna also came fourth in that spellbinding 400 metre race, starring Cathy Freeman, at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. In 2009, Donna was diagnosed with the early stages of breast cancer and hence made a sporting comeback in 2012 to show others who have been affected by the disease that you can fight back. Support through Sport UK is incredibly proud to have Donna as a Patron.


Sophie Bray - Patron. Support through Sport UK's third Patron is Great Britain and England hockey player, Sophie Bray. Sophie, who at the time of writing had 50 caps, was part of the gold medal winning 2016 Olympic Games team. A University of Birmingham graduate, Sophie played club hockey in Holland for three seasons, and now plays for East Grinstead. She harbours ambitions to win an Olympic medal at Rio (and we're right behind her!). Sophie is a huge sports fan and, as well as playing hockey, likes to follow a wide range of sports, including tennis, rugby, football and cricket. She has a strong belief that sport has the power to change lives for the better, and believes that everyone should have the opportunity to benefit from sport. Sophie says she's honoured to be a Patron of Support through Sport UK - and we're truly honoured to have her as our Patron! 


Sarah Humphreys - Website Consultant. Sarah has been a Godsend to Support through Sport UK, voluntarily helping the charity to build its website. Sarah's sport of choice is dog agility.


Helen Bowles - Contributor. Helen is a sports addict - if not playing or coaching it, she's watching it (the darts were on her telly as she wrote this!). She is also a keen believer in the power of sport to help people make friends, have fun and feel good about life, and so is eager to help raise awareness of the good work Support through Sport UK does. Helen is a hockey player and a cricket player, as well as a sometime runner, sometime golfer, sometime netballer. She's also a sometime gym-goer, even though she knows she should go much more often.


Claire Allen - Contributor. Claire is particularly interested in both women's sport and helping people to get back into sport. Claire participated in the Back to Hockey Programme and, from there, went on to join a local club, which she now plays in goal for. She completed 20 weeks of training at the Spartan Hockey Goalee Academy. In addition to hockey, Claire plays netball and football, as well as enjoying swimming and hiking with her family. Claire is an England Hockey Maker and helped out at the Maxi 5's Semi Finals and Finals in Kettering and at Wembley, respectively. Claire is a Support through Sport UK volunteer as she is passionate about helping local sports clubs and teams to grow and prosper. We're delighted to have Claire as part of the team.   


Rhian Turnbull - Contributor. Rhian has always loved playing, and watching, a variety of sports and so it was no surprise when she studied for a degree in sport and exercise science. Rhian is Head of PE at a special educational needs school and has been so successful in the role that she was runner up in the East Midland's Netball Teacher of the Year Competition and has been nominated for this year's Sky Sports Teacher of the Year Award. In addition to Rhian's impressive pedagogical pursuits, she helps out across her county by developing sporting opportunities for children with special educational needs and disabilities, and she also plays for a Back to Netball Team. We're really chuffed to have Rhian as part of our team of volunteers!


Ed Uff - Contributor. Having spent four years working in the banking industry, Ed decided that he should probably work out where exactly it was that he'd left his soul, as he was pretty sure it was nearby - but he hadn’t seen it for a while. His interest in sport was primarily manifested through spending most of his working days watching BBC Sport text updates on his second monitor and assuring himself that he really could have played football for England if, y’know, he’d really wanted to. Now that he’s volunteering for Support through Sport UK, he hopes that he can marry his interests in writing and sport to help to get more people active.


Charlotte Kennedy - Contributor. Charlotte's passion for sport (both watching it and participating in it) began at a young age. Encouraged by her very sporty parents, she tried out a range of different sports and competed at quite a high level in netball, athletics and cross country. So when it came to deciding what to study at university, it was an easy decision for Charlotte! She read sport science with management at Loughborough and then also went on to complete a sport and exercise nutrition Masters, both of which she loved! Whilst at university, Charlotte took up Ultimate Frisbee and went from complete beginner to women's captain in three years. Charlotte continues to play Ultimate, and so in her spare time can often be found travelling up and down the country to matches. We're delighted to have Charlotte as part of the team.


John Ellery - Grant Advisor. John is supporting Support through Sport UK by guiding us through the complicated world of grant funding. With over 10 years experience in community sport, John is a keen advocate of the impact sport can have on young people and communities, and he currently runs a consultancy that provides a range of grant fundraising and grant giving services. Outside of work, John is attempting to get back into running, having previously completed half and full marathons.


Stella Fagg - Trustee and Contributor. An integral part of the Support through Sport UK family, Stella helps the charity source information on clubs and initiatives for older people.  

Stella finds sport and exercise to be of great personal benefit, stating that it helps her to put everything into perspective and is a great way to lift the spirits. 

Stella found sporting activities to be a good way to make new friends when moving to different countries. When living in Germany, Stella was a fan of cycling, taking full advantage of the dedicated paths, and, during her time in the States, she learnt to play golf. It was also whilst living in the US that Stella got back into swimming - on one occasion completing an impressive 100 laps of a 50-metre pool.  


Carole Chamberlain - Trustee and Contributor. Carole's interests are music-based and mainly aimed at children. She was a ballet pianist for over 30 years, and is currently studying the Kodaly method of teaching music, using singing and movement. She currently plays for pre-school children.

Though not particularly sporty herself, Carole is keen to help Support through Sport UK, as she understands the benefits and the 'feel good' factor derived from exercise. As the years pass, she finds that the breathing involved in playing the flute is a sufficient challenge!


Alex Cooper - Technical Consultant. Alex combines his passion for sport and technology by acting as Technical Consultant to Support through Sport UK. A keen field hockey player, he also gets involved in the running of the clubs he plays for, and also in setting up and maintaining their websites. Alex strongly believes that sport should be open to everyone, and that everyone should be given the opportunity to experience the benefits of sport in their lives, regardless of ability, age or wealth.


Colin Marston - Contributor. Colin is keen to help Support through Sport UK by raising awareness of the various sports and sporting events that you can get involved in. Colin is a massive sports fan, having spent his first three years post-university scrambling over Army assault courses and then focusing on running, cycling, watersports, skiing and golf.


Rich Dean - Contributor. Rich is a sports psychology practitioner. He's worked, and collaborated, with some incredibly high-level athletes and feels privileged to have met such a wide range of fascinating characters and personalities. Rich came across Support through Sport UK and felt that it was such a worthy entity that he wanted to contribute in some way. He hopes to connect with the charity on a long-term basis and feels that Support through Sport UK is a wonderful project for which everyone involved should be very proud (we didn't pay him to say that - honestly!).


Lucy Fellows - Contributor. Lucy is a final year university student and a full-time sports enthusiast! Aside from playing rugby and handball, she has run two 10ks for charity and is currently the Communications Officer at her rugby club. Additionally, she has worked with children on sports camps, has been Sports Editor of a student publication and has worked for a National Governing Body of Sport. Lucy thinks that it is fantastic that Support through Sport UK can provide a voice for UK sports clubs and she is particularly keen to both encorage participation in sport and raise the profile of lesser-known sports.  


Catherine Phillips - Film-maker. Support through Sport UK's film-maker, Catherine, of Ostara Films, shot the fab footage of the Metro Games - the games for blind and partially-sighted athletes. Catherine's sport of choice is Tae Kwon Do.